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What is transfer pricing?

The valuation at which non-arm’s length parties within a corporate group trade goods, services, and intangibles.

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Transfer Pricing Guidelines:

When goods, services (e.g., marketing, accounting), or intangibles (e.g., patent or trademark rights) are exchanged between related parties beyond borders, the transactions must adhere to valuation principles based on the arm's length standard.

Why is well executed transfer pricing important?

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Without transfer pricing rules, multinational companies could manipulate where profits and losses are reported, favoring low-tax jurisdictions.

Even with rules, determining the arm’s length transfer price can lead to subjective disputes between taxpayers and tax administrations.

Global tax authorities, including the Canada Revenue Agency, prioritize transfer pricing audits.

Countries, like Canada, impose significant penalties for non-compliance, emphasizing the need for contemporaneous documentation.

Preparation of contemporaneous documentation is crucial to support transfer pricing filing positions.

Failure to address transfer pricing can result in economic double taxation if a tax administration makes adjustments without correlative relief in the other jurisdiction.

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Contemporaneous Documentation

Section 247 of the CRA Income tax act requires taxpayers to thoroughly document all intercompany transactions. The ITA Subsections 247(3) and (4) outline the framework for penalties and documentation requirements. Notably, substantial penalties may be imposed in instances of audit adjustments exceeding defined thresholds, unless the taxpayer has demonstrably exerted reasonable efforts to ascertain and apply arm’s length transfer prices. 

The initiation of transfer pricing audits by the CRA typically involves the issuance of a three-month demand letter, commonly known as the "90-day letter," wherein comprehensive documentation is requested.

Business description & corporate structure

Functional analysis

Characterization of the parties

Selection of the tested party

Selection of the Methodology

Economic analysis

It is essential to note that taxpayers are considered to have not made reasonable efforts if they fail to furnish the required documentation to the CRA within the specified three-month timeframe.

Choosing a Transfer pricing Methodology

OECD and CRA guidelines for choosing transfer pricing methodology is as follows

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CUP Method (Comparable Uncontrolled Price):

* 3rd party pricing for arm’s length evidence.
* Internal and external comparisons in similar markets.
* Common for commodity-type product transfers.

Resale Price Method:

* Adjusts resale price by a comparable gross margin.
* Suited for low-value added goods.

Cost Plus Method:

* Adds a comparable gross mark-up to costs.
* Adjusts for differences in functions, assets, and risks.

4 Profit Split Method:

* Applied in integrated settings with valuable intangibles.
* Residual profit divided based on contributions.

TNMM (Transactional Net Margin Method):

* Frequent due to simplicity.
* Uses operating profit margins or net cost plus as common indicators.

Advanced Pricing Arrangement (APA)

An Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) is a formal agreement between a Canadian taxpayer engaged in cross-border transactions with a foreign entity and the Minister of National Revenue. It serves to confirm the appropriate transfer pricing methodology (TPM) for non-arm’s length transactions. The TPM establishes an arm’s length price for related-party transactions, aligning with the Arm’s Length Principle.

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